Sunday, February 26, 2017

Combat Autowerks - New Cars Availible!

Heya folks!  Jason Carter here again with an update to Carter & Sons: Combat Autowerks!  I'm here bringing you the new bad-ass models designed and produced right here in Maryland USA.  All C&S:CA designs are guaranteed to make you a superstar of the arena.  Looking for a low cost entry vehicle to start your auto-dueling career?  We've got you covered!  Looking for a something to chew through the ranks of amateurs that litter the arenas, we've got you covered as well!

C&S:CA produces only the finest dueling vehicles.  Our vehicles are some of the toughest, safest and most comfortable vehicles out there, our customers love them but their adversaries quake in their boots when they see you roll out in a C&S:CA designed vehicle  All of our vehicles are designed by myself and then built and driven in the arena extensively before we offer then for sale.  If I wouldn't drive it in the arena then we wont sell it to you!

Check out our latest offerings;

The Defiant: Compact, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Med PP w/PC, 4 HD tires, Driver w/SWC and BA, Machine Gun in Turret, RR Front, Plastic Armor: F30, L28, R28, B30, T15, U15, Cargo: [1 space, 524 lbs. @ Top Speed 90], Cost: $9,998, Wgt: 3886 lbs, HC 3, Accel: 5, Top Speed 97.5.

Amelia's Revenge: Mid-sized, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Large power plant, 4 Puncture-Resistant tires, Driver w/SWC and BA and 5-pt CA, Incendiary Heavy Rockets in Rocket EWPs Left and Right, Anti-Tank Gun Front, Minedropper Back w/10 Mines, Heavy-Duty Brakes, No-Paint Windshield, Plastic Armor: F34, L34, R34, B34, T10, U15, Gear Allocation: [152 lbs. @ Top Speed 82.5], Acceleration 5, Top Speed 85, HC 3, 5608 lbs., $14976

Triangle of Death: Streamlined Extra-Heavy Trike, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy Active suspension, 100 cid engine w/VP Turbocharger, 3-gal Economy Tank, 3 Motorcycle Steelbelted Solid tires, Driver w/BA and 4-pt CA, Vulcan Machine Gun in Universal Turret w/20 shots High-Density, Spear 1000 Minedropper Back w/5 Mines, Heavy-Duty Shocks, Heavy-Duty Brakes, Roll Cage, No-Paint Windshield, Radar, Anti-Theft System, Radar Jammer, Radar Detector, Smart Link (SMD, VMG), Plastic Armor: F31, L30, R30, B30, T29, U15, Acceleration 10, Top Speed 72.5, HC 3, 4197 lbs., $34456

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bree Cover Released!

Super sexy cover by C7 staff artist Sam Manley.
Heya folks,

Just a quick update, Cubicle7 released an image of the new upcoming Bree supplement and I had to share it, its got some serious juice!  Sam Manley is the artist and he came up with a stunner.  No other details were released but it was promised by Jon Hodgson that more information would be coming soon.  Check out the thread here: The One Ring - Bree

That's it for now, take care people!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ARMA 3 HAVOC 1-3 Training and Mission 19FEB17 - Afghan Deployment

Heya folks,

The 506th Infantry Regiment had another training session yesterday prior to our first mission in our recent deployment to Afghanistan.  The focus was on team awareness and the rules of engagement as many of the locals have weapons for personal protection.  The video is around 40 minutes long.

Later that same evening I participated in the first mission of Operation Black Adder.  With the 506th deployed to Peregrine Airfield in Afghanistan we needed to start securing the surrounding area of operation.  Alpha Company, 1st Platoon was tasked with marching into the hills to assault, capture and eliminate an enemy encampment that was within six clicks of the airfield.  I was acting as the 1 platoon, 3rd squad, Bravo team (1-3-B) AR gunner under Sgt Richie.  After hiking up into the mountains we were spotted and illuminated by a flare, shortly after we came under fire from an em-placed machine gun which we assaulted into an eliminated.  We took sporadic indirect fire from enemy mortars while we maneuvered towards the encampment, 1-3 was the base of fire team, we provided over-watch and engaged at range while 1-1 and 1-2 assaulted down the hill into the encampment.  We then repulsed enemy a counterattack from over 1000m away.  The mission ended with us digging in and settling down for the night.  Overall it was a pretty successful mission, we had one casualty in the platoon but he is healing up fine.  The video is about one hour and fifteen minutes long, that's with forty five minutes of hiking through the hills cut out!  I hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Erebor: The Lonely Mountain - A Review

Heya folks!

Its been a little while since I've been around here, life has been busy and keeping up with this blog has been a challenge.  I'm back today with a review of The One Ring supplement Erebor: The Lonely Mountain.  More after the break!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Whats new! ARMA 3 - 506th IR

Heya folks,

It's been a few months since I've been around here so I figured it was time to check in.  Sorry for the lack of posts, real life has been busy and I have been spending what little free time I have playing ARMA3.  For those of you that don't know, ARMA3 is a PC game that strives for military realism.  I joined the 506th Infantry Regiment in January, its a online clan that plays multiplayer coop missions within the game.  I started out with a two hour recruit training course to learn the basics, then four two hour OSUT (One Station Unit Training) courses in which we learned land navigation, fire and maneuver, radio comms and loads of other stuff.  I was then assigned to HAVOC 1-3-B.  We do squad training once a week on Sundays, have company FTX's (Field Training Exercises) every other week and once a month platoon training.  I recorded this last weekends squad training for shits and giggles, I'm glad I did as it was only my second squad training with the 506th and I was suddenly promoted to Bravo Team Squad Leader for the day. Yikes!

I struggled a bit with the comms, running multiple radios and communicating with my Bravo team, Alpha team, and then my squad leader was crazy and hectic and it's easy to see how quickly things can break down, especially in a MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) situation.  I learned a lot and will be better next time!  You can check out the video above, its about one hour and thirty minutes long but includes the briefings, route planning, FRAGO en route to the objective and then our final assault on the target and then debriefing.  Lots of fun, if anyone is interested in joining the 506th come on by to

I also have two The One Ring product reviews coming up in the next few weeks, I will be reviewing Erebor: The Lonely Mountain and the brand new Adventurer's Companion so keep and eye out for those!  Take care of each other people!