Monday, November 12, 2012

The Hobbit

In a little over one month the new Hobbit movie will be released to drooling Tolkien fans all over the world (myself included).  My friend is driving up from North Carolina so we can go and nerd out at the theater together, we are both very much looking forward to the new Peter Jackson directed joint.  

I was perusing ticket options today, I plan on seeing it in IMAX but there are several choices leaving me a bit confused as which version to see it in.  The first choice is IMAX 3D in High Frame Rate, this version is running at 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24 fps.  Its supposed to be much smoother and more lifelike although reviews are mixed.  Some love it and some hate it.  IMAX 3D is the second version offered, same as above minus the HFR.  Regular old 2D is the final version offered, I think I'll pass on this.

The decision for me is HFR or not?  Have any of my readers seen anything in HFR?  I would hate to have a movie that I have been looking forward to for so long be ruined due to a newfangled technology.  On the other hand it could be a mind blowing experience.  

Choices choices, how are you going to see the new Hobbit movie?