Thursday, June 18, 2015

Temple of Elemental Evil 3rd Edition Files

Heya folks,

Now that my run as DM of the ToEE is over, I wanted to provide you all with the files that I used to run the adventure.  Below is a link that contains everything that I needed to complete the Temple including conversions to 3e, images, and all kinds of additional stuff I found online.  I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me!

Just a note, I cannot take credit for 99% of the stuff in this file.  Most of this is the fruit of others hard labor, I just downloaded it, made some small adjustments for my campaign and ran with it.  I was able to find Daniel Rivera, he did all of the stand alone NPC sheets and Banesfinger did the Verbobonc City Guide.  I could not find who had done the conversion of the Temple, it may have been someone named Majin over on EnWorld but I am not certain.  If anyone knows the original authors, please contact me so I can give them credit!

So on to the files, here is a breakdown of what is included in the .zip file;

1 - Hommlet - 3e conversion, NPC sheets and images of Hommlet and the surrounding areas.
2 - Moathouse - 3e conversion and images.
3 - Nulb & Temple Ground - 3e conversion, NPC sheets, Player Interlude to read to the players, Tower Ruins encounter sheet and images.
4 - ToEE Lvl 1 - 3e conversion, Earth Priests NPC sheet and images.
5 - ToEE Lvl 2 - 3e conversion, Air Priest NPC sheet, 2 Fire Priest NPC sheets, Water Preists NPC sheet, Feldrin & Brunk NPC sheets and images.
6 - ToEE Lvl 3 - 3e conversion, Falrinth & Sigmal NPC sheets, Falrinth's Spell-book's, Rebuter Riddle, Riddle of the Temple and images.
7 - ToEE Lvl 4 - 3e conversion.
8 - The Nodes - 3e conversion.
9 - Verbobonc - City of Verbobonc Guide and also images of the city.
10 - City of Greyhawk - Greyhawk City Descriptions, TSR1043 The City of Greyhawk, TSR9578 Greyhawk Players Guide and images.
11 - Characters - The Character Background Guide and Personality & Background Sheet, also a Excel Spell-book Spreadsheet and a Excel Spreadsheet called Party Info, I used this to track the party's current status, date, weather, major abilities, treasure, bank accounts and all kinds of other info, its a really handy sheet made by me!
12 - Flanaess - Beers of Flanaess, Greyhawk Calender and Greyhawk Deities.
13 - Orb of Golden Death - 3e conversion and a nice picture of the Orb by me.

Then there are a number of loose files:

Finale - The final conclusion for my party, includes the aftermath and awarding of goods and titles to the characters.

Iuz the Evil - 3e conversion of the demi-god.

Navigating the Finale - My own personal road map for the final bits of the temple, how to get to the end.

New Monsters for the ToEE - Juggernaut, Werejackle and Water Weird all converted to 3e.

Temple History -  As titled, my characters were in Verbobonc and did some research into the history of the temple, I gave them this to read.

ToEE Main and ToEE Nodes - binder cover-sheets I made, feel free to use them!

So that's everything (I think).  I hope you guys get some use out of this, feel free to post elsewhere but please at least link back to my site.  Thanks and enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

**SPOILERS** Conclusion to the Temple of Elemental Evil **SPOILERS**

This last weekend my friend and I finally set aside time for the Temple of Elemental Evil!  December 2013 was the last time we got together to roll some dice in person.  We had been playing some DCC RPG via the Internet but really wanted to get back to our ongoing campaign.  I drove down to North Carolina to visit him and we crushed out the final bits of the Temple in what proved to be a satisfying conclusion to a VERY long campaign (8+ years!)


YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  Story continues after the break!