Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Car Wars T-Shirt Arrived!

Who's that giddy nerd pictured above?  

That's me, I received my "I made Steve Jackson work on Car Wars" t-shirt today!  It was part of the Ogre Kickstarter rewards and guarantees that SJ will be coming out with a new version of Car Wars, my favorite board game of all time.

I could not be more pleased and am going to have to bust out my Car Wars gear and teach the wife how to play.  Drive Offensively!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy has arrived!

Hey folks,

I hope everyone on the east coast is doing well despite Sandy's worst intentions!  I am hunkered down at home and have yet to loose power, so its been a good day.  Luckily I live away from any flood zones and have few trees close to my house so I have less things to worry about than some.

It looks like the storm just made landfall which means we are probably around halfway through this "storm of the century", fine by me I just wish it would hurry up and blow itself out already.

Take care, keep an eye out for your neighbors and stay safe!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chris Roberts is back with Star Citizen

Hey folks, I haven't been around here is a while but I figured I would drop a quick post about another juicy Kickstarter campaign!  Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, is back with a new space based PC game.  He is creating a whole new universe with both military and privateer type campaigns.  There are going to be single player, co-op and multiplayer space battles, it looks pretty awesome.

Head over to his kickstarter page here: Star Citizen