Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Command & Colors: Ancients

The setup.
Slightly different angle of the initial setup
My wife and I have been playing through the original Command & Colors: Ancients box.  This week we played the Battle of Lake Trasimenus.  We are alternating who picks which side, I pick one game and she picks the next.  This game it was my choice and I ended up with the mighty Carthaginians.  I thought it wold be a breeze for me, she started pinned back against the lake and with only two command cards.  Woah was I wrong, her dice were hot, hot, HOT!

My initial attack focused on her left flank, I sent wave after wave of cavalry in but her units beat back everything and wiped out my mounted troops. After the first couple of turns she was way ahead in banners due to a piss poor display from my cavalry. 

Where o where have my cavalry gone?!
Her troops surged forward on my left flank and crashed into my waiting infantry.  At this point she was winning four banners to my two banners.  Then came the best card in the deck, Clash of Shields.  After she moved her troops into contact I played this wonderful card which gave all my troops in contact the ability to battle with +2 dice.  This essentially won the game for me, I collected four banners in one turn to seal the victory!  She was heartbroken and I was elated!

The final view of the battlefield.
We had a ton of fun as always and plan to play the battle of Cannae next, I'm sure I will be playing the doomed Romans!