Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Role Playing game to Video Game

The company that created The Witcher video games, CD Projekt RED, has announced its next game in production will be based on the Cyberpunk 2020 role playing game by Mike Pondsmith.

I've never played either of The Witcher games but they have been well reviewed which makes me excited for a video game version of Cyberpunk.  I guess the big question will be what era will it reside it?  The 1980's version of the future or a new and updated version that more closely matches our own possible future?  Either way I will probably be happy though I could not stand Cyberpunk V3 and found it to be a little to far out there to be a proper cyberpunk game.  Lets hope Pondsmith doesn't push this version!  Above and below are the only two pieces of concept art that are available so far and they look great!

You can see the announcement over on Actiontrip: Cyberpunk video game official

Friday, May 25, 2012

Barrowmaze II Update

Barrowmaze II is close to completion of funding, make sure you stop by and support this project.  Right now its $200.00 shy of meeting the Barrow Mounds Generator goal, and if we can get $7000.00 (or another $1200.00) then there will be a separate Tomb of Horrors style illustration booklet!  Lets not miss out on this!

If you do decide to pledge take a careful look at the pledge options as most of the good stuff starts at Crypt Knight or higher level ($65.00).  If you do not already own the first Barrowmaze (and why not?!), then pledge at the $100.00 level, you will get BM2 and signed copy of BM1!  

Crack those wallets open people, lets get this thing funded! CLICKY HERE!

Back from vacation!

Hey folks, my wife and I got back from New Orleans today (at 5:00am).  We drove straight through the night, twenty hours of driving so I'm pretty exhausted.  We had a wonderful time, I completely fell in love with the city, its an amazing place filled with great food, art and music.  If you have not had a chance to visit I highly suggest it!

I'm off from work for the next couple of days so expect a few posts on various things, I will also be posting a link to some photos of our trip in case anyone wants to check them out.  I hope everyone is doing well, I'm off to bed soon, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Its Vacation Time!

Hey guys and gals (I'm guessing mostly guys though), I'm heading off on vacation for a week to wonderful New Orleans!  My wife and I are celebrating our first anniversary there, we both desperately need time away from work.  While there we are going on a swamp tour, visiting the World War II Museum and exploring as much of the city as we can!

I'm going to be taking my sketch pad along, I hope to do a few sketches while there.  I'm sure there will also be plenty of pictures to share when I return.  I hope everyone has a great week, see you all soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Games I Love - Pendragon

Today I wanted to post about one of my favorite role playing games, Pendragon.  This is a game I have been following since the fourth edition in the mid 1990's.  Its a game of chivalry and romance, knights and ladies and the tales of King Arthur and his companions.

This is a game created out of a great love of the source material.  Greg Stafford has spent years perfecting the game and has lavishly researched the material.  The current version is 5.1 which was recently updated, I have not had a look at it yet but I plan to purchase a print on demand version off, but a bit more on that later.