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Welcome to Carter & Sons Combat Autowerks, home of today's finest dueling vehicles.  All of our combat ready vehicles are tested at our own arena, we provide nothing but the BEST in offensive and defensive options for our customers.

C&S:CA is family run business that was started back in 2045 by J.L. Carter, its current CEO. His son Jason Carter (Bad Beardo as he is known in autodueling circles) is the current family competitor, as J.L. hung up his keys years ago. C&S:CA produces dueling vehicles for the discerning competitor. All designs are combat tested by Bad Beardo himself before they go into production.

"If you’re looking for the best in autodueling, visit C&S Combat Autowerks in Waldorf MD for all your combat needs!"

Company Roster:

Jason “Bad Beardo” Carter – Driver +2, Gunner +2 (Gold Cross Account)
J.L. Carter (CEO & Founder) -  Driver +1, Gunner +1, Cyclist +1 (GC Account)
Viggo “Tattoo Kid” Byrne – Cyclist +2, Gunner +1, Driver
Cillian ”Son of a Gun” Garland – Trucker +2, Gunner +1, Driver
Chris “Grease Monkey” Stahl – Mechanic +2, Driver, Paramedic, Gunner
Armin “Crazy Doc” Lantos – Paramedic +2, Mechanic +2

Vehicle Designs:

Division 5: 

Leviathan: Subcompact, Extra Hvy Chassis, Standard Suspension, Small PP w/PC, 4 std Tires.  Driver w/FP suit and Body Armor.  Machine Gun front.  74 pts Plastic Armor.  Cargo: 1 space and 67 lbs, Cost: $4984, Wgt: 2453, HC: 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.
Slipstream: Streamlined Medium Cycle, Hvy Susp, Sml Cycle PP w/PC & High Torque Motor, 2 HD Radial Tires, Cycle Windshell w/10 pts Plastic Armor.  Cyclist w/Body Armor.  Machine Gun front.  26 pts Plastic Armor.  Cargo 0, Cost: $4986, Wgt: 1038, HC: 3, Top Speed: 122.5, Accel: 5(+5 w/HTM)

Division 5 Pro:

V-2: Compact, Hvy Chassis, Improved Suspension, Med PP w/Superconductors, 4 HD Tires.  Driver w/Body Armor.  Rocket Launcher front, Micro missile Launcher back.  150 pts Plastic Armor.  1x10pt 2 space Plastic CA (Driver).  Cargo: 0, Cost: $7500, Wgt: 3635, HC: 2, Top Speed: 105, Accel: 5.

Division 10: 

Chainsaw: Mid-Sized; H. Chassis; Imp Suspension; Med PP w/SC; 4 Heavy Duty Tires.  Driver w/Body Armor.  Vulcan MG w/13 in 2s Turret T.  124 pts Sloped Plastic, 1x10pt., 2 space plastic CA (Driver).  1x5pt. 4 space plastic CA (PP).  Cargo: 1 space. Cost: $9,987, Wgt: 4,307, HC: 2, Top Speed: 92.5, Accel: 5.

Thunder God: Mid-Sized; Heavy Chassis; Imp Suspension; Large PP w/PC’s;  4 PR Tires.  Driver w/Body Armor.  MG w/20 in F.  MD w/10 in B.  139 pts Sloped Plastic, 1x10pt 2 space plastic CA (Driver).  Cargo: 0 spaces. Cost: $9,996, Wgt: 4,412, HC: 2, Top Speed: 115, Accel: 5.

The Defiant: Compact, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Med PP w/PC, 4 HD tires, Driver w/SWC and BA, Machine Gun in Turret, RR Front, Plastic Armor: F30, L28, R28, B30, T15, U15, Cargo: [1 space, 524 lbs. @ Top Speed 90], Cost: $9,998, Wgt: 3886 lbs, HC 3, Accel: 5, Top Speed 97.5.

Division 15:

Thors Hammer: Sedan; Ext Hvy Chassis; Hvy Suspension; Large PP w/PC; 4 Radial PR Tires.  Driver w/Body Armor. 2 Hvy Rockets facing Front.  Ramplate, Rollcage, Safety Seat, HD Brakes, Bumper Trigger Front, Weapon Link, 4 Plastic Wheelhubs, 10pts each. 165pts Sloped Plastic Armor, 1x10pt 2 space plastic CA (driver), 1x10pt 5 space plastic CA (Powerplant), Portable Fire Extingusher.  Cargo: 2 spaces.  Cost $14,992.60, Wgt: 5516, HC 4, Top Speed 97.5m Accel: 5

Amelia's Revenge: Mid-sized, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Large power plant, 4 Puncture-Resistant tires, Driver w/SWC and BA and 5-pt CA, Incendiary Heavy Rockets in Rocket EWPs Left and Right, Anti-Tank Gun Front, Minedropper Back w/10 Mines, Heavy-Duty Brakes, No-Paint Windshield, Plastic Armor: F34, L34, R34, B34, T10, U15, Gear Allocation: [152 lbs. @ Top Speed 82.5], Acceleration 5, Top Speed 85, HC 3, 5608 lbs., $14976 

Division 30:

Phalanx II: Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Large PP w/SCs; 4 Solid tires. Driver w/Body Armor. Heavy Vulcan Machine Gun w/10xIncendiary F; Vulcan MG w/15xIncendiary in 2space turret Top; Flame Cloud Discharger L,R,B. Hi-Res Computer; Improved Fire Extinguisher; 3xLink (FcDs, FcDs-VMG, FcDs-HVMG); HD Brakes. 158 pts. Sloped Plastic; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. Plastic CA (Driver); 1x10 pt., 5 spc. Plastic CA (Plant); 1x10 pt., 3 spc. Plastic CA (HVMG). Cargo: 1 space. Cost: $29,983, Wgt: 6,600, HC: 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

Wanderer: Streamlined Mid-Sized; Hvy Chassis; Hvy Suspension; 250 cid IC Engine w/Blueprinting and VP Turbo; 1 spc Hvy Duty Gas Tank; 4 Radial Solid Tires.  Driver x Body Armor, Gunner w/Body Armor.  Recoilless Rifle w/HEAT Top, 2 spc Pintle Mount, Sunroof, Tripod Gunshield (for pintle mount).  142pts FP Plastic Armor.  10pts Plastic CA (2 spaces – driver).  Fire Extinguisher (FE), Tinted Windows, Safety Seat, HD Brakes. Cargo: 0. Cost $29,869.00, Wgt: 4881, HC: 4, Top Speed: 122.5, Accel: 15.

Division 35:

Triangle of Death: Streamlined Extra-Heavy Trike, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy Active suspension, 100 cid engine w/VP Turbocharger, 3-gal Economy Tank, 3 Motorcycle Steelbelted Solid tires, Driver w/BA and 4-pt CA, Vulcan Machine Gun in Universal Turret w/20 shots High-Density, Spear 1000 Minedropper Back w/5 Mines, Heavy-Duty Shocks, Heavy-Duty Brakes, Roll Cage, No-Paint Windshield, Radar, Anti-Theft System, Radar Jammer, Radar Detector, Smart Link (SMD, VMG), Plastic Armor: F31, L30, R30, B30, T29, U15, Acceleration 10, Top Speed 72.5, HC 3, 4197 lbs., $34456

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