Sunday, October 30, 2016

Journeys & Maps - A Review

Heya folks,  I'm back with ANOTHER The One Ring product review (I'm a bit obsessed with this game)!  Are you people sick of these yet?!  Today I'll be taking a look at a new product, Journeys & Maps.  This book is a little different from what we have seen so far, the most important part of this product is the maps, and boy are they beautiful!  More after the break!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall Gaming Sale - UPDATED!

Heya folks!


My wife and I are currently in the process of turning our basement into a rental property so all my gaming stuff needed to find a new place to reside.  Faced with carrying it all up two flights of stairs I decided to thin out the collection a bit and save myself some physical labor.  Below is a list of items I am offering for sale.  If you're interested in any of these items please post in the comments section, first come first serve.

Just a couple of points:

1. All prices are final, I am not interested in haggling, just looking to move this stuff.  All prices will be very competitive.

2. Shipping prices are inside the USA only.  If you are outside of the United States I will work with you on the shipping costs.

3. Payment is via Paypal ONLY, this is important!  Once you pick your item you can make payment to me at jasonc1976 (at) gmail (dot) com.  Shipping costs may err on the high side, once I ship the item if I am able to do so for less that what is listed I will send you back the balance via Paypal.  I'm not looking to gouge anyone but also done want to loose my butt on shipping costs.

So I think that's it!  Have fun and enjoys browsing my items.  Take care everyone!


1. The World of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game.  Looks brand new, box is in great condition.  Includes all off the cards which are still in plastic wrap. $10 + $7 shipping.

2. Bounty Head BeBop Role Playing Game.  Also brand new and in great condition.  This is an rpg based on the Cowboy Bebop Anime in all but name.  $5 +$5 shipping.

3. Force on Force Modern Wargaming Rules.  A fantastic rule-set printed by Osprey Publishing.  Hardcover, full color rules is great condition.  $20 + $5 shipping.  I also have several of the expansion books that cover different areas/eras;

•    Bush Wars: Africa 1960-2010 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Cold War Gone Hot: WWIII 1986 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Ambush Valley: Vietnam 1964-1975 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Road to Baghdad: Iraq 2003 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Classified: Special Operations Mission 1940-2010 - Softcover, full color.  $10+ $5 shipping.
•    Fallujah: Iraq 2004 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.
•    Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan 2001-2010 - Softcover, full color.  $10 + $5 shipping.

If your interested in purchasing all of these books as a lot I'll sell them for $85 + $20 in shipping.  All of the books combined are pretty heavy, if the shipping is less than $20 I'll refund you the difference.

4. Blackbeard: The Golden Age of Piracy Board-game.  Richard Berg design.  This is the redesign of the original Avalon Hill version.  Its in great condition, the box looks new with no damage.  All parts are included and all the cards are still in their original plastic wrap.  $15 + $10 shipping.

5. Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons Books.  These are all used but in good condition, no missing pages or anything falling apart. The covers look good as do the insides.  The Players Handbook has someones name written on the inside of the front cover and some of the pages in the spells section have creases in the pages.  Other than that I cannot find any damage.  Here's what I have:

•    Players Handbook - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Dungeon Masters Guide - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Monster Manual - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Monster Manual II - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Monster Manual III - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Fiend Folio - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Arms and Equipment Guide - $7 + $5 shipping.
•    Stronghold Builders Guide - $4 + $5 shipping.
•    Red Hand of Doom Adventure - $4 + $5 shipping.

If your interested in purchasing the whole lot I'll sell them for $50 + $20 in shipping with any balance on the shipping sent back.  They're pretty heavy so I'm not sure what the shipping will cost.

6. Dread Pirate Family Adventure Game.  This was produced by Front Porch Classics, its a super simple game that is beautifully present. The plastic piece holder inside is cracked but still functions, otherwise no damage.  The box is a heavy wood and the map is printed on cloth.  The ship playing pieces are all metal, the dice are wooden and there are four bags with colored glass pieces and a bag of metal gold doubloons.  The rules are are simple and fun for the young ones!  Great craftsmanship in this product!  $20 + $15 in shipping (its a heavy one!)

7. Arkham Horror Board-game by Fantasy Flight Games.  This is being sold ONLY as a set!  The reason I am doing that is that all of the expansions have been mixed together and I don't want to spend the next week picking apart all of the pieces!  These boxes are all in great condition and as far as I am aware all the pieces are accounted for.  My wife and I have only played this game twice, she was not a fan so we won't be playing again.  Bad for me but good for you!  Here's what I have;

•    Arkham Horror Base Box Set (there is a split on the cover, otherwise no damage)
•    Dunwich Horror Expansion (large box)
•    Innsmouth Horror Expansion (large box)
•    Kingsport Horror Expansion (large box)
•    Miskatonic Horror Expansion (large box)
•    The Lurker at the Threshold Expansion (small box)
•    The Black Goat of the Woods Expansion (small box)
•    The Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Expansion (small box)
•    The King in Yellow Expansion (small box)
•    Plano box full of counters and dice (including the black and green Arkham Horror dice set)

I'm getting rid of the entire set for $160 + $30 in shipping.  Again if the shipping is less I will refund the difference

8. Song of Ice and Fire Role-playing Game.  This is the Game of Thrones edition and uses the Chronicle System.  Create your character, your house and go to war!  All of these books are in great condition with very, very minor scratches.  $30 + $10 shipping and they're all yours!

•   A Song of Ice and Fire Role-playing Core Book - A Game of Thrones Edition (hardcover)
•   Peril At Kings Landing Adventure (softcover)
•   Nights Watch Source-book (hardcover)
•   A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (hardcover)
•   Chronicle Starter (softcover)

That's it!  Please post in the comments which items you are claiming, first come first serve.  Please contact me at the email above once you have claimed an item (make sure you are the first to claim it!) and we can work everything else out from there.  Take care people!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Horse-Lords of Rohan - A Review

Heya folks!  Welcome to another The One Ring product review!  Today I will be going through the new region guide that covers the the lands of the Rohirrim.  This book is in the same vein as The Heart of the Wild and Rivendell in that it describes the history, people, places and monsters of a specific region.  Horse-lords of Rohan covers the regions of Rohan, Fangorn Forest, Isengard and Dunland.  More after the break!