Thursday, August 15, 2013

Men of Iron

Several years ago over on Consimworld I ran a game of Men of Iron by Richard Berg where I was posting each turn using VASSAL.  I never finished the game at the time and have decided to go back and complete the play by play.  I will be posting all of the old turns over the next couple of weeks until I am fully caught up and then will finish up the game!

For those of you who do not know, Men of Iron is a board game that focuses on medieval infantry battles in the early 14th century  The scenario that I was playing was the Battle of Poitiers which took place in France, September 19th 1356 during the Hundred Years' War.  The English had been looting their way across the French countryside when the French army lead by Jean II caught up to them at the small town of Poitiers. History shows the English lead by Edward the Black Prince with a force of around 6,000 men besting the French army which was over 11,000 strong.  Will my game conform to history or will a new history be written?  

Follow along to find out!

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