Sunday, August 18, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - French Activation

A couple of special rules for this game.

1. Clermont and Audrehem, the two French MMA's (Mounted Men of Arms) closest to the English troops mush charge during the first turn. They are always considered in command and have a activation rating of four.

2. French reinforcements with Jean II can be brought in from off map at any time as long as they are activated.

2. Hedge Wall: once crossed it is considered tramped down and is no longer a barrier on that hex side.

3. Captal de Buch (English): can lead any units inside his command range, not just his own troops.

4. Due to their aggression, any French MMA's within 4 hexes of an enemy unit MUST charge even if it is through any Genoese Crossbowmen.

5. Genoese Crossbowmen cannot be rallied, any result of retired is instead treated as eliminated.

The two French units move one hex forward into charge range. They both wheel around the village and head towards the opening in the hedge near Salisburys line. Both units charge! The English longbowmen reaction fire on both units as they close and cause mass confusion and casualties. Both French units are unhorsed and disordered!

The two disordered French units continue their attack which is no longer a charge as they are unhorsed and disordered. Audrehem shock attacks the longbow unit and is repulsed with a disordered result. This causes no further damage to the unit.

Clermont is also rebuffed but must also retreat one hex.

The French now try to activate Saarbrukens battle group. The English decide not to attempt to seize control. The French need to roll equal to or less than Saarbruken's activation rating of three. They roll a two and continue to move. Slowly they advance across the battlefield trying to get their crossbowmen in range. The French then fail to activate Jean II and play passes to the English.

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