Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - French Activation 3

The French decide to activate Saarbruken again to try and cause some casualties to the damned English. The disordered MMA unit does nothing this turn and becomes ordered once again. Two Genoese crossbow units advance and fire on the English. The first unit is disordered but is able to return fire at the same time, this disorders the attacking unit. The second Genoese unit opens fire as well, both attacker and defender are disordered from the attack and return fire. 

In the center of the field three Genoese crossbow units advance and fire on the dismounted foot units holding the center of the line. Both foot units are disordered! Two French MMA's circle around the right flank and prepare for a charge!

Both French MMA units charge the English line. Both attacks are into the flank (because I forgot to change the facing of the English troops, silly me.  We'll call them disorganized in the heat of battle). One attack is vs the French longbowmen and the other attack is vs the dismounted men at arms. Neither attack needs to roll for charge reluctance as neither defending unit is facing the attackers. 

The mounted attackers crash into the English archers through the hedge and retire the unit from the field. The second attack vs the men at arms across the ditch fails and the attackers are disordered. The English gain a flight point for the retired unit. 

The French decide to activate The Dauphin again to try and get him into the fight but the English player attempts to seize the initiative by activating Edward! The English fail their roll, allowing play to continue for the French. The French do NOT have to make a roll to activate the Dauphin, benefits of the English failing their activation! The Dauphins troops continue to advance. 

Trying for a third activation the French roll for Orleans, and fail. Play passes to the English dogs.

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