Thursday, August 22, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - English Activation 3

The English start the turn by activating Edward, the line must hold! The English footmen shock attack across the ditch in an attempt to drive off the French MMA, they obtain no result as the melee continues. The English mounted knights also shock attack (they cannot charge from one hex away) the French disordered MMA unit. This unit is retired from the field!

Edwards troops continue to advance to plug the hole in the line with one dismounted (DM) foot unit also shock attacking the French MMA for no result. King Edward and his English knights cross the ditch and charge the flank of the French MMA that is already under attack! The King and his horse crash into the flank of the French MMA, the unit is disordered and forced to retreat one hex.

The English continue their turn by successfully activating Salisbury. The longbow unit holding the corner could withhold its fire and remove its disordered status this round, but I am going to keep him disordered and fire as the disordered MMA unit as it is just too juicy to pass up. Arrows rain down and eliminate the disordered French MMA. Cheers rise from the English line! Three flight points are added to the French. A second longbow unit opens fire on Saarbruken and his horse for no effect. One last longbow unit fires at some Genoese crossbowmen and disorders the unit taking no result from the Genoese return fire. 

The English decide to activate Warwick but the French try to interrupt with their own activation. Hoping to keep the English from fixing their disordered troops the French attempt to activate Saarbruken and fail, giving the English a free activation. The two dismounted troops under Warwick both remove their disordered status and two longbow units open fire. One English longbow and one Genoese crossbow unit end up disordered. The English fail to activate C. de Buch and play passes to the French.

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