Saturday, August 24, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - English Activation 5

Edward is activated to start off the turn. Rushing to the kings aid the entire line surges forward and attacks! The two Hobilar units advance around the end of the flank, one dismounts while the other continues to move. The dismounted unit cannot fire this turn. Two units of English foot shock attack the French foot to Edwards left. The defending unit is disordered must retreat one hex and the attacking unit follows it. The mounted unit to Edwards right advances and shock attacks the French foot unit directly across from it and disorders the unit. Edward and his mounted unit then attack both of the disordered units. Both units are retired from the field and Edward advances! 

The French flight track is moved up two points. Also, the earlier Genoese Crossbowmen cannot rally and are eliminated due to SSR. This adds an additional two points to the French flight track which is now at twenty points. 

Salisbury is activated next. The disordered longbow unit does nothing this turn and losses its disordered status. One foot unit moves into position to plug the line. The second longbow unit fires across the hedges at the now out of command foot unit and disorders it. The English foot unit follows the longbow attack and attacks the now disordered unit and completely eliminates it! Two more points on the French flight track, who seem to been dropping like flies this round. The last English longbow unit fires at the Genoese crossbow unit across from them for no effect. Play passes to the French when the English fail to activate Warwick.

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