Saturday, August 17, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - France, September 19, 1356 - Game Setup

The French are chasing a much smaller English army that was on a glorified pillage and loot mission all over central France led by Edward the Black Prince. Edwards army ran into a problem just south of Poitiers; behind it was the French army, in front of it was a river that, in crossing, would put the English army in great danger. Edward turned to face the French and picked out the best possible position for his his archers and foot infantry. 

The English left was guarded by a difficult marshy lowland, his front, atop a small rise, was behind what appears to be a line of low hedges-sources differ greatly on this-to which Edward added some ditches to protect the right flank. The French approached in waves and dismounted as they did not want to charge headlong into Edwards defenses. 

The English are lead by Edward Prince of Wales; Earls of Warwick and Salisbury and Captal de Buch. The French are lead by King Jean II; Charles the Duke of Normandy; the Duke of Orleans and Count Sarrbruken.

English Setup:

French Setup:

The French also have Jean II with twelve dismounted Men-at-Arms. These men can enter the map between 1008-20 any time they are activated by the French player.

Last but not least we have the map key:

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