Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - English Activation 2

The English start by activating Salisbury and firing on the disordered, dismounted troops in front of their line. Arrows tear through the unit eliminating it. The two archer units to the far right open fire on the advancing horsemen and disorder one unit and retire the already disordered foot infantry. These troops are moved back to the rally point flag.

The French now have five flight points, three for the eliminated unit and two for the retired units. The French flight level is 45 and the English flight level is 30.

The English now try and activate Edward and roll a four, low enough to activate him and his troops. Edwards troops continue to advance to the right flank to bolster it. The English then successfully activate C. de Buch and send him and his Hobilars towards the left flank. The English then fail their next activation and play passes to the French.

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