Friday, August 23, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - English Activation 4

The English start off with Salisbury activated. The leftmost longbow unit does nothing for the turn and loses its disordered status. The longbow unit directly next to Saarbuken cannot lose its disordered status due to being directly next to an enemy unit, so they unleash a hail of arrows at the disordered leader and his horse. The unit is eliminated by the archers and Saarbuken must roll to survive and fails, he is killed in the field of battle! The last remaining longbow unit fires at the disordered crossbow unit and retires it from the field. The French have taken massive casualties this turn including the death of Saarbuken. The French are now at 15 flight points. Each turn they activate a 1d10 is rolled and added to this number, if it ever ends up higher than 45 the French flee the battlefield.

The English activate Warwick with no problems. Dismounted troops plug the hole in the line and a longbow unit fires at the disordered crossbow unit and retires them from the field. The French flight track is now at 16. The two leftmost longbow units on the left flank leave the cover of the hedge and advance on the Genoese crossbow units. They open fire from long range for no effect. C. de Buch is activated and continues his advance along the left flank. Play passes to the French after a failed activation of Edward.

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