Friday, August 30, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - French Activation 13

Jean's troops continue to press the attack on the flank! Another retired longbow unit is eliminated as is the English standard! Both of the English wagon trains are destroyed resulting in an additional four flight points for the English. A French dismounted foot unit attacks once again and retires the English mounted unit. Give those men a medal! With the English standard being destroyed, the retired unit is instead eliminated! 

A French foot unit crosses the ditch and attacks Edwards mounted unit and becomes disordered for their trouble. A second foot unit also attacks across the ditch against another English foot and also becomes disordered. What a melee! What a mess!! The English are crumbling! 

The French are able to activate the Dauphin who rallies disordered units before play passes to the English on a failed Orleans activation.

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