Thursday, August 22, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - French Activation 4

The French start their turn by activating Saarbruken. On the right flank one Genoese crossbow (CB) unit does nothing so they can lose their disordered status. The other crossbow unit other fires on the already disordered longbow unit for no effect. In the center of the line one Genoese CB unit losses it disordered status. The disordered English longbow unit is eliminated, adding two to flight total for the English. The second English longbow unit that was fired upon is disordered. 

Saarbruken and his MAA prepare to charge the disordered longbow unit on the right flank! The charging unit triggers reaction fire from the LB unit, they unhorse the charging unit! The now dismounted infantry continue the attack as footmen and crash into the longbow unit for no effect. The line holds! 

The French attempt to activate the Dauphin and succeed. They continue their march towards the right flank of the English. Play passes to the English after a failed attempt to activate Jean II.

Here is an overview of the battlefield at the end of the turn:

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