Thursday, August 29, 2013

Battle of Poitiers - French Activation 11

The French start their turn by activating Orleans and attempting to flank around the English longbows. The French do NOT want to advance across the swampy lowlands under fire from the English bows. 

Jean II activates next and continues his assault across the ditch. A disordered French foot unit attacks across the hedge and retires a disordered English foot unit. The line is broken! The French unit advances into the breach. Unfortunately the middle of the French line does not fare as well, smashing off the English they are disordered and driven back. At the far end of the line the French foot troops are more successful, eliminating a Crossbow and Hobilar unit and advancing into the English held territory. Vive la France! 

The English are now at 8 Flight points out of 30 while the French have 30 out of 45.

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