Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Nassr (Pendragon Character)

I had so much fun the other day creating a new character for Pendragon RPG I decided to give it another go. Here is Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Nassr, Aristocrat and Knight-Wanderer from the land of Araby. I wanted to make a continental character, one that was outside of the standard Lorges Knight. The process was quite easy, options for creating continental characters in the Book of Knights and Ladies are a little more restricted. Most of the charts dealing with the characters father and his class go out the window so the process is a little quicker.  

Some of the changes from the standard British Knight are that he is of the Saracen religion which holds different personality traits in high regard. He is several years older than my previous character, making him a little more experienced. He does not have a manor or hold land as he has recently arrived in Lorges and is son number four, which is why he is out wandering the world and not at home tending to his fathers lands. Nassr is wielding a scimitar and a compound bow, which is considered "unknightly" by the local British knights. He wears light chain-mail and has a round shield and is skilled in the use of Medicine which covers both First Aid (a knightly skill) and Chirurgery (a non-knightly skill).  His mount is a Barbary Charger, swifter than the standard Chargers ridden by the local knights.

Overall I really like this character, he was fun to make and offers a chance to play and outsider that is considered exotic and strange.  Fun stuff!

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