Friday, April 25, 2014

Cynfan y Arth (Pendragon Character)

Say hello to Cynfan y Arth, he's a character I recently rolled up for Pendragon RPG. I've been pulling some of my old games down off the shelf and rolling up new toons for the heck of it. Cynfan is a Cymric Knight who was recently knighted and took over his father's manor, Burcome. He is known as "y Arth" (the Bear) due to his barrel chest and huge beard.  

The character sheet I used is from a newly available PDF called the Book of Records, available from for around four dollars. You can type right into it and then save your file, it's very handy. It also auto calculates the Glory you gain as well, good stuff all around! 

The shield was created in a little program called Coat of Arms Design Studio, its available here;  I believe it cost around 20 bucks, its a tad bit expensive and a bit finicky but overall it's a very nice tool for creating shield designs. You can add creatures or items, ordinaries (pale, scarpe, bend, quarter sinister, etc) or divisions (per chevron, bendy sinister, etc).  Each of these many options can be adjusted for color and location. To finish it up you can add a scroll (like the one at the bottom of the shield above) or mantling/helms at the top.  

Here's the back of the character sheet:

Overall I really like the look and function of this character sheet.  Its got a nice design and the ability to type right into the .pdf with only Acrobat Reader is really great.  Now I just need to find a game to join!

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