Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cadoc Pridd (Twilight: 2000 Character)

I finally finished up my Twilight: 2000 character I started a few days back. This is Cadoc Pridd, a Welsh-American that attended the U.S. Naval Academy and then served two tours as a Marine Corps Force Recon Officer before the war broke out. The character creation process in T2K is a bit overwhelming, maybe it was because this was the first character I have ever created or maybe it was the layout of the book but I found that locating the information I needed was not easy. That said I'm a big fan of the life-path system, I really enjoyed taking my character through the different stages of his life leading up to the beginning of the game, it really helps to flesh out ideas for the characters back-story.

There were a number of questions that came up during the creation process that I was unable to find answers to, not the end of the world though. There is an awful lot of stuff to track for this game and it took me a while to look up all the information in the manual which I must say is LOADED with charts, more than I like to see in a rulebook. Some of the information needed is buried in paragraph after paragraph of writing, making it hard to track down. I find that my taste in RPG's over the last few years has begun to lean more to the simple side. There was a time when I would have loved a rules heavy game that focused on recreating reality, these days I like games that are simple and fun, I would much prefer to focus on the story and not have to worry about the rules.

I've never actually played T2K but would be willing to give it a try, I love the premise of the game and the world they have created seems like fun, I'm just not sure if I could handle the extensive rules.

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