Sunday, June 29, 2014

Keeping busy


Heya folks,

Just wanted to drop a quick post, things have been busy here and its been a while since I have been on the blog.  I've been neck deep in the World Cup the last few weeks, I'm currently watching the Netherlands/Mexico game.  That's not to say all of my gaming has fallen by the wayside, I have made a little time to work on some miniatures. I finished up painting my Labyrinth Lord Level One box set and am currently working on some 20mm Marines for Skirmish Sangin.  Above is a picture of my painting setup, its a cheap folding table from Target planted squarely in front of my TV (and the World Cup).  Below you can see some close ups of the miniatures I am working on.

I'll try and post a few photos later this week of the completed Labyrinth Lord miniatures, I'm pretty happy with how they came out.  Take care and GO USA!

Marines and Delta Forces primed and ready for paint!

Marines get their first pass with the base uniform color.

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