Saturday, April 19, 2014

Twilight 2000 Questions

Hey folks,

For many years I have wanted to play Twilight 2000 but its continued to sit on my shelf staring at me.  Well I got sick of the dirty looks so I pulled it down off the shelf and have decided to roll up a character.  I am mostly done but had a couple of questions that I hope you T2k fans can help me out with.

My toon qualified for National Military Academy (U.S. Naval Academy) for his first career block.  It states that you automatically get all the basic training for the appropriate branch (Army, Navy or Air Force), no problems so far.  For my next career block I took Force Recon Officer (U.S. Marine Corps).  Do I also get all of the U.S. Marine basic training skills in this block, or should I have substituted these during the education block (even though Marines is not listed as one of the branches)?

My only other question is whether the National Military Academy counts towards the total amount of money I receive for equipment.  My guess is that it counts as education and therefore does not grant additional monies for equipment.

Thanks much everyone!

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