Monday, June 30, 2014

Labyrinth Lord & Fantasy Miniatures

Pig-faced Orc Commander and two of his minions.

I promised you guys some pictures of my Labyrinth Lord figures by Otherworld Miniatures, so here they are.  These figures are fantastic, the sculptures are great and they are solid minis.  I just finished painting the Level One box set not to long ago and will be purchasing the Level Two set sometime in the near future. 

I highly reccomend these guys, they have several box sets that come with their own carry cases, level one and two monsters and also heros, demi-heros and henchmen.  Well worth the money if you like old school minis!

The rest of this post will be picture heavy, have fun!

Pig-faced Orc archer and flail dude.

Trio of Hobgoblins.

A swarm of ugly ass Goblins.

I love the Kobolds, bad mofo's!

Creepy Centipedes.

Fire Beetles, I elected to leave off the feelers, they were a bit fragile.

The Rat Pack.

The rest of the pack.

The Stirges are freaking awesome!

Close up of the Stirges.

These are not the Skeletons that come with the set, but I like them :)

Again, not an Otherworld miniature but still a bad-ass Bugbear!

Booty shaker view.

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