Sunday, June 29, 2014

Painting Marines - Part I

Meet Private McNulty (Yes, I 'm a fan of The Wire)
I spent a lot of time searching around the webs for some step by step instructions for painting Marines.  I found a really nice post on Little Nickys Gameroom and figured I would follow along and post my results here.

I am painting 20mm Marines from Elhiem Miniatures, they are really nice and have lots of detail for such small figures.  I based them on pennies and glued down some GaleForce Nine Fine Basing Grit.  This was followed by a coat of matte black spraypaint.  The base was then painted with Privateer Press Hammerfall Khaki (see above picture).

First coat of the uniform.
For the base of the uniform I used Vallejo Iraqi Sand, I found this to be a bit thin with too much of the base peaking through so after he dried I went back and gave him a second coat for better coverage.  Next up will be the gear and equipment, stay tuned!

Private McNulty gets a second coat of Iraqi Sand.

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