Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taliban On The Attack! **Image Heavy Post**

Show of force!
My Taliban forces for Skirmish Sangin are done!  They're all 15mm Elhiem Miniatures purchased from the always awesome Syr Hobbs Wargames.  The technical is from an unrecalled manufacturer, it was die cast and the gun and gunner are both from Elhiem.  I glued the wheels in place, then scuffed the paint and primed it before giving it a white coat of paint.  I think the original color was yellow.

The rest of this post is picture heavy, enter at your own risk!

Casualties in the foreground.
Various Taliban members.
RPG gunner left of center.
War wagon.
Back two rows are unarmed Afghan males and females.
Hardcore Al-Qaeda fighters.
Bearded Leader in the center with a suicide bomber to the right.
Ready for the table.
RPG gunner center and heavy machine gunner to the left.
DShK machine gun center, recoilless rifle left and mortar in the foreground.

That's it for this time!  I'd like to purchase another technical and maybe some of the new Chechnyan fighters by Elhiem.  After that I'll be starting on a board and some terrain.  Stay tuned!

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