Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Otherworld Miniature Labyrinth Lord Level 2 Miniatures Complete! **Image Heavy Post**

The gang's all here!
I finished up my Otherworld Miniatures Level 2 figures yesterday.  I'm happy with how they came out, though the pictures are a bit fuzzy.  Sorry for the quality of the snapshots, I think my lens is messed up, it would not focus and everything came out really dark.  Hopefully you still get an idea of how they look, these are great miniatures with loads of detail!

More pictures after the break!

The rest of this post is picture heavy, enter at your own risk!






Shadows - really blurry, sorry!

Evil Men

Yellow Mold and Green Slime

Evil Magic User

Thanks for looking, sorry for the quality.  I'll get my camera sorted for the next time.  Next I'll be painting up the figures for my Space Hulk board game.  Take care everyone!

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