Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Marines have landed! **Image Heavy Post**

I finally completed my Marine Corps forces for Skirmish Sangin.  These are 20mm Elhiem miniatures painted in various Citadel or Vallejo paints and purchased from Syr Hobbs Wargames.  The two vehicles are Dragon Models 1/72 HMMWV M1114 w/M2 & M1114 w/Mk.19 Up-Armored Armament Carriers, with the one on the left fitted with an S&S Models upgraded turret.  I still have several heavy weapons to paint including a Ma-Deuce and a MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher but all of the men and vehicles are done.

I am currently working on the opposition forces, I have a mixture of Taliban/Al-Qaeda that are about halfway done, I'll post pictures of them when they are all complete!  For now enjoy my Marines!  Semper-Fi!  

More pics after the break!

Left Humvee is the up-armored version.
Friendly fire flag is painted on with a chevron decal.
Javelin launcher on the left, medic in the center and a sniper/spotter in the foreground.
Marine Corps Recon in boonie hats with casualties in the foreground.
Marine with SMAW in the center, EOD tech in the lower right.
Ready for battle.
SEAL's with silenced weapons.
Back two rows are ODA forces.
Devil Dogs.

Recon Marine.

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