Monday, July 14, 2014

Sol Tachi (Star Wars Edge of the Empire Character)

Edge of the Empire is another game that I have not had the time to actually play.  Its a big beautiful book with fantastic art throughout.  For my first character I decided to roll up a Bounty Hunter, Sol Tachi.  He come from a poor background, his father was an unsuccessful local system Bounty Hunter.  Sol learned the trade from his father at a young age and decided if he was ever going to be a success he needed to get a ship and leave the planet.  I gave him Freedom for his motivation, Sol is driven to do what he wants when he wants, he strives to be his own man.  For an obligation I gave him a criminal record, he had a brush with the Empire on his home-world of Fondor.

I figured he was technically proficient so I gave him the Gadgeteer specialization.  Gadgeteers are a mix of tech and combat experts, equally able to jury rig failing equipment or blast their way out of a dangerous situation. 

He has good Cunning and Presence and is a descent pilot and has good underworld connections. He's armed with a standard Blast Pistol with a filed down front sight but also has several non-lethal weapons to take down his marks, including a bola, two Stun Grenades and a pair of Shock Gloves.  Check out the rest of his stats below!

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