Thursday, July 3, 2014

Painting Operational Detachment Alpha - Part I

ODA Team Leader.
Heya folks,

I managed to spray coat my Marines with a clear matte varnish and I'm pleased with how they look.  I tried to take a few more pictures but they looked exactly like the last batch so I'll just move on to my Delta Operators.  I was able to get a little painting done this morning, I'll be working a bit more on these guys this weekend.

The Team Leaders coat is Citadel Fenris Grey with Vallejo Stone Gray pants.  His webbing is in Vallejo English Uniform.  All the skin tones are again either Vallejo Basic Skintone or Citadel Mournfang Brown.

Base colors blocked in.
Delta Operators Two and Three.
Operator Two has his pants painted in Vallejo Flat Earth, Operators Three and Five have theirs in Vallejo Iraqi Sand.

Delta Operators Four and Five.
Four has a pakol (afghan hat) painted in Vallejo Flat Earth and pants in Vallejo Grey-Green.

I am going to be painting these guys in earth tones but mismatched so they don't look like standard uniforms but more like men that have been operating behind enemy lines.  More to come this weekend, be safe and have a good July 4th weekend!

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