Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Queen of the Spiders

Queen of the Spiders is still considered one of the greatest Dungeons & Dragon adventures ever printed.  It's also one that I have never owned and I have decided to rectify that.  I checked Noble Knight Games, they have no copies availible.  Next up was Amazon, they have copies running from $100 all the way up to $2936 (really?!).  I've been burned several times on Amazon with old modules, missing maps or in really bad condition so I'm a bit wary to purchase this piece from them.

What I need from you oh faithful readers is your feedback, I really cannot see paying $100.00 for an adventure, no matter how good it is.  Is there anyone out there that is aware of an alternate source (I already own a .pdf copy but would really like a hard copy) where I can pick up my own dead tree version?  Is anyone aware of some little out of the way online store that might have a copy that will not cost me an arm and a leg?

This might be a long shot but I figured its one worth taking.  I will be wrapping up my Temple of Elemental Evil campaign soon and was thinking of running all the way through Queen.  Anyway, thanks in advance!


  1. All of the "supermodules" are way overpriced (and I don't care for the wraparound story in QotS either).

    You can get the component modules for under $20 each if you want to kick it double-old school :-)

    I tend to go to abebooks.com when Nobleknight is out of stock.

  2. The individual modules may be the best route. I don't mind double-old school :)

    Thanks for the abebooks.com idea, I'll check them out!