Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Art - Heroes of the Temple of Elemental Evil

After spending seven years delving into the Temple of Elemental Evil with my friend Dan I decided to put together a little book.  The book included the most up to date character sheets, maps, a company charter for the Iron Woods Adventuring Company as well as little pictures that I drew of each character.

I took those character drawings, colored them in Photoshop and threw in the cover image from the ToEE in the background to create this AMAZING (said sarcastically) piece of art. 

These are the characters that survived the Temple.  They are (from left to right);

Rahan, elven thief
Vallon, human fighter
Jess, human cleric of Mayaheine
Marhev, human fighter
Kayla, human wizard

I'll probably post the whole book I put together at some point, I just thought this would be fun to share!

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