Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Art - Cyfan y Arth, Breton Knight

Heya folks,

Here's a new piece of art from me this week!  This is Cynfan y Arth (the Bear), Breton Knight and all around badass.  I actually made this piece to accompany a character I made for the Pendragon RPG, I'll post his character sheet below.

The pose is based on an Angus McBride illustration of a Breton Knight.  I changed the shield, sword, face, added a beard and dagger.  It was done in pen and ink on Bristol board and then scanned into Photoshop and colored.  I struggled with the color profile, once I was done I tried to save it but the colors were wayyyyy off.  I had to go back and change the color profile for my monitor to get things to gel.

More after the break!

Here are a couple of photos of the process:

Initial block in using pencil

Further refinement

First pass with the pen and ink

Final shading with the pen and ink

Scanned into photoshop and coloring!
Here is the character sheet for Cyfan that made some time ago.  Thanks for looking everyone!

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