Saturday, November 30, 2013

Orb of Golden Death

For the last few years I have been running a 3e conversion the Temple of Elemental Evil.  It's the first and only campaign I have run in 3e and will probably never play 3e again once this adventure is complete. My feelings on 3e aside, I was looking around for a decent image of the Orb of Golden Death that I could print out for my players and was unable to find anything I really liked.  So I made my own version in Procreate on my iPad.  Above is a time compressed video of the creation of the drawing.

Our adventure will be wrapping up soon and once it does I will be making available all of the materials I used to run the Temple including the 3e conversion and the different play aids I used.  Much of this stuff was created by other people, I just pulled it all together and made some edits for my campaign.  If you have never had a chance to play the original Temple of Elemental Evil I highly recommend it, I have played once as a player and now a second time as a DM.  Its a classic adventure that is a blast!

Feel free to use the image below for your own adventures!


  1. Thanks for posting this stellar image, Drunk Umber Hulk - I've been using it for my 1st Ed. AD&D ToEE Roll20 game (we just finished session #88)!

  2. I'm glad your getting some use out of it! I have many fond memories of ToEE, once as a player in 2e and once as DM in 3e, its a beast! Have fun!


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