Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Barrowmaze Crowdfunding on the Horizon

Hey folks, 

I just wanted to pass along the news that Greg over at Discourse and Dragons has announced he will be running a new crowdfunding campaign for Barrowmaze Complete starting in January 2014.  This new book will combine the two existing Barrowmaze Dungeons into one mega-module and will include new material, art and layout.  The amazing Erol Otus has been tapped to do the new cover.

I already own both Barrowmaze and Barrowmaze II, they are both amazing products but I would be willing to contribute to a new combined module.  The best news for me is that he is currently working with the guys over at Otherworld Miniatures to produce a Barrowmaze box set, awesome news indeed!

The original announcement can be found here: Barrowmaze Complete

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