Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walking Dead - Game Review

Being a big fan of the Walking Dead on AMC I recently purchased and began playing the Walking Dead game by Telltale Games and I must say I am completely hooked!  I just finished up episode two, the game was created and released in five connected episodes.  So far the story has been gripping and the characters outstanding, they are well rounded and have their own distinct personalities.  Along the way you are asked to make many gut wrenching choices including cutting of a mans leg with an ax to save him and choosing one character over another in life and death situations.  Each episode has five or six major decisions, your choices are compared to all other players of the game at the end of the episode giving you an idea where you fall among other gamers.  For instance "You and 85% of people shot so and so".  Its neat to see how your decisions stack up against the masses.

Overall its a really enjoyable game, one I would highly suggest it.  All five episodes are available on Steam for a total of $25.00, its a really good dead, I mean deal.  Good story, great characters, gripping choices and a very nice comic book style make this one of my favorite recent games!  I you like the Walking Dead, zombies or just good games this one is for you!

Five Steins out of five!

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