Saturday, February 23, 2013

Start your engines!

"We here at Carter & Sons Autowerks have a long standing tradition of hiring and employing only the best people we can find.  We are always on the lookout for new up and coming duelists as new vehicle designs constantly need to be tested and refined.  As it happens we are currently looking for someone new as our most recent hire perished in an unexpected vehicle fire.  It was an act of God really, most definitely not a design flaw...

Today we have two young, hungry duelists looking to prove themselves and looking for a job.  We will be providing them with two of our stock Division 10 cars, the Chainsaw and the Thunder God.  The winner of this combat will be hired on a a Junior Duelist with all of the benefits of that position!  What an amazing opportunity for these young men!

This match will take place in the J. Carter Autoduel Arena, this is our home turf where we build and design all of our vehicles and will be played to "kill", first vehicle knocked out is the looser.  Now we hope that both of our contestants survive to fight another day, but this is a dangerous business and you never know what can happen.  Good luck to you both and may the best man win!"  - Bad Beardo

This will be a two car battle that I will be playing out in VASSAL and posting every few days, I hope you all enjoy!

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