Sunday, April 22, 2012

Questions about OGL

I am planning on writing a short adventure called Valley of the Umber Hulks but I have a question about the open gaming license. I believe that Umber Hulks are one of the monsters that do not fall under the OGL as they are considered to be an icon of the D&D system. Does this mean that I am not allowed to use them in an adventure created for another system, let's say Labyrinth Lord? If I only plan to distribute the adventure free of charge does this change anything?

I'm a little confused on how this would work, any help figuring this out would be much appreciated!


  1. As far as I know, umber hulks are not open game content, and not part of the d20 SDR. They're reserved as product identity. You can't use them, even if you distribute your product for free. Or course, that doesn't stop you from using a mechanically identical monster of another name....

  2. Bleh, pretty much as I thought. I guess I can use Under Beasts or some such nonsense. Thanks for quick response Paul!