Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ARMA 3 HAVOC 1-3 Training and Mission 19FEB17 - Afghan Deployment

Heya folks,

The 506th Infantry Regiment had another training session yesterday prior to our first mission in our recent deployment to Afghanistan.  The focus was on team awareness and the rules of engagement as many of the locals have weapons for personal protection.  The video is around 40 minutes long.

Later that same evening I participated in the first mission of Operation Black Adder.  With the 506th deployed to Peregrine Airfield in Afghanistan we needed to start securing the surrounding area of operation.  Alpha Company, 1st Platoon was tasked with marching into the hills to assault, capture and eliminate an enemy encampment that was within six clicks of the airfield.  I was acting as the 1 platoon, 3rd squad, Bravo team (1-3-B) AR gunner under Sgt Richie.  After hiking up into the mountains we were spotted and illuminated by a flare, shortly after we came under fire from an em-placed machine gun which we assaulted into an eliminated.  We took sporadic indirect fire from enemy mortars while we maneuvered towards the encampment, 1-3 was the base of fire team, we provided over-watch and engaged at range while 1-1 and 1-2 assaulted down the hill into the encampment.  We then repulsed enemy a counterattack from over 1000m away.  The mission ended with us digging in and settling down for the night.  Overall it was a pretty successful mission, we had one casualty in the platoon but he is healing up fine.  The video is about one hour and fifteen minutes long, that's with forty five minutes of hiking through the hills cut out!  I hope you enjoy!

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