Thursday, May 12, 2016

Star Wars - Revised, Expanded and Updated

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I'll admit that I am a Star Wars fan.  I'm also a fan of the Star Wars RPG put out by West End Games many moons ago.  I've owned several other Star Wars RPG's since then including SAGA and the trilogy of Fantasy Flight books but my favorite has always been the old WEG version.  I'm a sucker for the D6 system.  I haven't played this game in many, many years and much to my surprise I recently found out that there is an updated version of my beloved old classic!  

Womp Rat Press is a collection of editors that have labored long and hard to put together a new updated version of the classic Star Wars - Revised, Expanded Core Rule Book.  It's shockingly called Star Wars - Revised, Expanded, UPDATED.  See what they did there?  Anyhoo this is a freaking amazing book for anyone that loves the old SW WEG game, the first version was released in 2014 and a second updated version was released last year.  Where the hell have I been?!

Apparently the layout has been adjusted and a number of changes made, here's what has to say:

Star Wars: Revised, Expanded, and Updated features the following:
  • Extensive examples and explanations to make learning and understanding the rules easier;
  • A solitaire adventure “Cantina Breakout,” to let you start playing right away;
  • An index to this volume;
  • Expanded Combat Options and Force powers combining information from various supplements.
  • Expanded Adventuring information, combining all the gems from the original Gamemaster’s Handbook;
  • The beginning adventure “The Pirates of Prexiar”;
  • Aliens, vehicles, starships, and creatures from the Prequel, The Clone Wars, and the recent “Legends”
  • Expanded Universe;
  • Numerous character templates.
Finally, Star Wars: Revised, Expanded, and Updated concentrates on role-playing over rules. The game is faster, easier, and more fun... and more like the original Star Wars movies!

Sound pretty cool?!  It is!  It's a HUGE book, the second edition weighs in at 512 pages of RPG goodness.  The best part is that it's free to download!  I'm not sure of the legality of this as I'm sure Disney has the rights to all things Star Wars and I know Disney has lots of lawyers with sharp pointy pencils. I'm not going to be posting a link here but if you google Star Wars REUP you'll easily find the droid that you are looking for ;)

So if you're like me and had no idea this book exsited, then hit up google and find yourself a copy, its a damn fine book that really expands on the original core rule-book.  If you were already aware of this book, good for you, I bet you feel pretty damn smart.  Next time shoot me an email and let me in on the secret ;)

May the Force be with you.

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