Thursday, June 18, 2015

Temple of Elemental Evil 3rd Edition Files

Heya folks,

Now that my run as DM of the ToEE is over, I wanted to provide you all with the files that I used to run the adventure.  Below is a link that contains everything that I needed to complete the Temple including conversions to 3e, images, and all kinds of additional stuff I found online.  I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me!

Just a note, I cannot take credit for 99% of the stuff in this file.  Most of this is the fruit of others hard labor, I just downloaded it, made some small adjustments for my campaign and ran with it.  I was able to find Daniel Rivera, he did all of the stand alone NPC sheets and Banesfinger did the Verbobonc City Guide.  I could not find who had done the conversion of the Temple, it may have been someone named Majin over on EnWorld but I am not certain.  If anyone knows the original authors, please contact me so I can give them credit!

So on to the files, here is a breakdown of what is included in the .zip file;

1 - Hommlet - 3e conversion, NPC sheets and images of Hommlet and the surrounding areas.
2 - Moathouse - 3e conversion and images.
3 - Nulb & Temple Ground - 3e conversion, NPC sheets, Player Interlude to read to the players, Tower Ruins encounter sheet and images.
4 - ToEE Lvl 1 - 3e conversion, Earth Priests NPC sheet and images.
5 - ToEE Lvl 2 - 3e conversion, Air Priest NPC sheet, 2 Fire Priest NPC sheets, Water Preists NPC sheet, Feldrin & Brunk NPC sheets and images.
6 - ToEE Lvl 3 - 3e conversion, Falrinth & Sigmal NPC sheets, Falrinth's Spell-book's, Rebuter Riddle, Riddle of the Temple and images.
7 - ToEE Lvl 4 - 3e conversion.
8 - The Nodes - 3e conversion.
9 - Verbobonc - City of Verbobonc Guide and also images of the city.
10 - City of Greyhawk - Greyhawk City Descriptions, TSR1043 The City of Greyhawk, TSR9578 Greyhawk Players Guide and images.
11 - Characters - The Character Background Guide and Personality & Background Sheet, also a Excel Spell-book Spreadsheet and a Excel Spreadsheet called Party Info, I used this to track the party's current status, date, weather, major abilities, treasure, bank accounts and all kinds of other info, its a really handy sheet made by me!
12 - Flanaess - Beers of Flanaess, Greyhawk Calender and Greyhawk Deities.
13 - Orb of Golden Death - 3e conversion and a nice picture of the Orb by me.

Then there are a number of loose files:

Finale - The final conclusion for my party, includes the aftermath and awarding of goods and titles to the characters.

Iuz the Evil - 3e conversion of the demi-god.

Navigating the Finale - My own personal road map for the final bits of the temple, how to get to the end.

New Monsters for the ToEE - Juggernaut, Werejackle and Water Weird all converted to 3e.

Temple History -  As titled, my characters were in Verbobonc and did some research into the history of the temple, I gave them this to read.

ToEE Main and ToEE Nodes - binder cover-sheets I made, feel free to use them!

So that's everything (I think).  I hope you guys get some use out of this, feel free to post elsewhere but please at least link back to my site.  Thanks and enjoy!

Linky HERE!

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  1. If you guys and gals have any problems downloading the files, please let me know!