Monday, February 17, 2014

Mark III Ogre Attack!

Initial Setup
My wife and I finally decided to give the new version of OGRE a try this weekend. She played the Combine Mark III Ogre and I defended using the Paneuropeans. Above is the basic setup with only GEV's, a howitzer and tanks in the central defense zone and infantry pulling up the rear.  More after the break!

OGRE MK. III - Little Boy
My forces quickly swarmed in and began pounding her OGRE, her main battery and two secondary batteries were quickly disabled. She responded by ramming and destroying two super-heavy tanks and knocking out a heavy tank and a light tank using her remaining batteries.

The swarm attacks!
She continued to push forward, the infantry engaged and began whittling away her treads which were already damaged from the two ram attacks.

The infantry move in for the attack.
Here's a look at Little Boy after the first few turns. Two secondary batteries down, the main battery destroyed and one missile used.

Damaged but still a serious threat!
My infantry swarmed the OGRE and made multiple attacks on her treads but did little to no damage. They were chewed up by the tanks anti personnel weapons.

Infantry engage.....
Infantry die!
My GEV units buzzed in and out make mostly ineffectual attacks against her treads. They posed almost no threat but she found them very annoying, zooming in for the attack and fleeing out of range before her counterattack!

GEV's buzz buzz buzz.

Little Boy continued to push forward, it was around this time that her movement was finally reduced to 2MP per turn, the constant GEV attacks and earlier ram attacks began to take their toll. 

Slowing the beast.  My loses mount up.
She continued to creep towards the command module and around this time made a fatal mistake. After having her last secondary battery destroyed she decided to used her final missile against a heavy tank that had been chasing her halfway across the board. The attack was wasted as she received a no result on the attack table.

Planning my defense.
Without any weapons besides her anti personnel weapons she had no other option than to try and ram the command post. My infantry closed in and were reduced by her AP weapons for their trouble, but not after reducing her movement to 1MP per turn.

The wounded beast limps on....
Trying to escape her pursuers.
The final turn of the game saw her reduced to 0MP only two hexes from the command post with no weapons other than AP guns which have a range of one!

So close!
Foiled right at the finish!
We both really enjoyed the game, its been twenty years since I have played and the new version looks amazing on the table. This was my wife's first time playing and she really took to it, she was swearing like a truck driver after missing her missile attack! Overall a really fun game, simple but well balanced. Here's a look at Little Boy at the end of the game:

Reduced to scrap!!

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