Friday, May 25, 2012

Barrowmaze II Update

Barrowmaze II is close to completion of funding, make sure you stop by and support this project.  Right now its $200.00 shy of meeting the Barrow Mounds Generator goal, and if we can get $7000.00 (or another $1200.00) then there will be a separate Tomb of Horrors style illustration booklet!  Lets not miss out on this!

If you do decide to pledge take a careful look at the pledge options as most of the good stuff starts at Crypt Knight or higher level ($65.00).  If you do not already own the first Barrowmaze (and why not?!), then pledge at the $100.00 level, you will get BM2 and signed copy of BM1!  

Crack those wallets open people, lets get this thing funded! CLICKY HERE!


  1. I just popped for a hundred. I am drooling to get an illustration booklet. It only takes twelve others, Lets do it!

  2. I'm really hoping we get the illustration booklet! Thanks for supporting Barrowmaze!!

  3. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support.

  4. Hey my pleasure! I really enjoyed BM1 so anything I can do to help out with BM2 is a no-brainer! Congrats on hitting 7K, I'm super excited to see the illustration booklet!