Thursday, March 29, 2012

Campaign Length

Today I want to pose a question to my readers (the few of you that there are!) I have been running an ongoing campaign for the last three years. My players and I do not have the opportunity to play very often, we live in different states so our gaming time is limited, maybe a couple of times per year.

Whats the longest you have ever run a single campaign, do any of you have campaigns that have been ongoing for more than five years? How often does your group get together to play? I'm been very interested in all the buzz surrounding G+ and the ability to play online, I may setup a Google+ account just to try it out, if I do I'll make sure I keep you guys updated!

So whats the longest campaign you have run?


  1. My longest campaign ran about a year, with 2-3 sessions each month.

  2. How many players did you have at each session, and was it the same core group all the way through?

  3. Depends on your definition of "campaign". Back in the day (from early 1983 to mid-1985, before I went to university) we played at least twice weekly. It was a mixture of TSR modules and home-made dungeons with bits of wilderness in between, so not exactly a coherent campaign, but we used the same PCs from 1st level to about 6th-8th as I recall. (Q. Why not higher? A. Death and/or level-draining undead.)

    At uni, I mainly ran Call of Cthulhu and played in Stormbringer. Those campaigns usually lasted about the length of a term (9-10 weeks, playing weekly) and ended with multiple fatalities!

    Then there are two "lost decades", when I barely played at all - just an occasional one-shot or maybe two-part game.

    Now I have a regular group and we've been playing D&D (Stonehell on the Borderlands) since last summer, roughly 3 sessions per month. There are three players because (a) I prefer smaller groups, and (b) I live in a modest-sized flat with only four chairs.